Welcome to MyPacSwim
MyPacSwim is an iPhone app that helps swimmers within Pacific Swimming Region tracking their performance and having fun with their swimming records.

This site provides help information for MyPacSwim App. Click on the task icons at the bottom of the screen to view different screens.

The Home screen shows your name, age and team with a profile image of your choice. Your best times are arranged per stroke, which can be set by tapping the stroke segment control at the bottom of the screen. The Standard column shows the current cuts for a standard of your choice. Tapping on it will rotate for different cuts, such as Junior Olympics, Far Westerns, and PRT.

The difference displayed in the last column. is color coded, green if you have it, otherwise it is in red. To see the difference in seconds instead of %, just tap the % sign.

The option icon at the top right corner allows you to change some of the settings for MyPacSwim. Things you can change include age, team, standards, and favorite color etc. You can sync the best times from MyPacSwim web site, or change the home swimmer altogether. Try it now

You can change the profile image by tapping on it. You can select an image from the library or take one with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The Standards screen displays current time cuts for various standards. As of today, there are four standards available:
  • 2012 Olympic Trial Cuts
  • Pacific Age Groups CBA
  • Junior Groups - Junior Olympic, Far Westerns, and PRT
  • Senior Groups - National, Junior National, and Sectional Cuts
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Would it be great if you could compare your times against an Olympian? Well you just have to add him or her to your friend list.

The Friends screen displays a list of friends or swimmers you swim with. It tracks their best times and let you compare their times against each other. You can search for and add a new friend by tapping the plus sign at the top right corner of the screen. Once a swimmer is added to the list, you can see their best times for each stroke of various distances.

By default, your friend's times will be compared with yours. To see how this friend compares with others, simply tap your name to select a different swimmer from your friend list.

The Top 10 screen displays the current top 10 swimmers within Pacific Swimming for each age group, stroke, gender, and distance. The data will be pulled from MyPacSwim web site for the first time, and is stored on your device. It will sync with MyPacSwim web site if needed and when your device is connected.

If you would like to compare yourself against any of these fast swimmers, simply tap the name and add him/her as your friend.

You might have noticed, the default filters are setup based on current season and your age and gender.

To view top 10 records of different age group or distance, tap the highlighted title bar to bring up the filter screen. Try it now

If keeping track of a race is your thing to do at a swim meet, At Meet is the feature for you and made it as painless as possible.

You can create a meet and add/remove events you swim with just a few taps.

For each event, you can set seed time, final time, heat and lane, splits as well as add notes.
There is even a timer that lets your parent time you (yikes!) in real time. All they need do is to tap the screen while watching the race. MyPacSwim works out how many laps and records the splits automatically. We made the touch area big enough so that it is hard to miss a tap. Try it now